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  • 7 Card Stud Poker

    7 card stud is seen as the one of the most popular styles of poker to date, if not taking the title as been the most popular.

    The game of 7 card sutd poker is offered not only within casinos but also within the online community at a number of sites.

    With this been said we have decided that the best way to teach you to play successful 7 card stud poker is for us to take you through everything from the basics of the game including the rules and the structure of the game, right through to advanced strategy articles that if studied will make you a better 7 card stud player.

    7 Card Stud Poker Structure

    7 Card Stud poker is played with the aim to create the best 5 card hand that you can make, using only five of the seven cards that you are dealt. There are no community cards in stud poker, so the only cards that you can play are placed within your hand.

    A stud table can seat up to 8 players at full capacity, with all players having to place an ante into the pot before the cards are dealt, unless the stakes are $0.50/$1 or higher. Once the ante has been received from all player at the table, the dealer will then deal each player three starter cards, 2 of these cards will be dealt face down for only the player to see and the other card will be laid face up on the table for all players to see.

    Now that all players have got their starter hand, a round of betting will begin.

    After the round of betting, with players making their calls or folding, the dealer will then deal another card to each player which will be dealt face up again.

    Another round of betting will take place and this will be repeated another two times, after which the dealer will give all remaining players their final card of the hand, dealt face down.

    This will now give the players the seven cards in which to make their best five carded hand from.

    A final round of betting will take place before the showdown, with players aiming to place a bet strong enough to beat their opponents before showing their hand.

    The winner is the player with the best five card hand.

    7 Card Stud Poker Rules

    1. The first round of betting is started with a forced bet by the player who has the lowest upcard, ranked by suit. The rankings are in this order, highest first : Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs

    2. Betting rounds that follow the first round are then started by the player with the high hand on the board. In the event of a tie, the player who received cards first starts the betting.

    3. The forced bet of a player is set to half of a complete bet, this means that should the player wish to complete their bet they would not be making a raise.

    4. In a fixed-limit game situation, when an open pair is showing on fourth street,second up card dealt to a player, all players have the option to bet either the lower or the upper limit.

    5. If in the event that the dealer accidently deals one of your first two cards face up, your third card will be dealt face down to compensate.

    6. If a player is not present at the table at the time that their hand is dealt, the player will forfeit any bets or ante posted into the game and their hand killed by the dealer when the action reaches their seat, only if there is a bet to call.

    7. In the event that a player is not present at the table and there is no bet placed, the hand will continue to recieve cards until a bet forces the dealer to kill the hand.

    8. If a player is placed all in once posting the ante and is dealt the low card, the action will begin with the player to their left who will be given the choice to fold or open for either a forced bet or complete bet.

    9. If a player is wrongly named as the low card holder and they place a wager into the pot, the action will stop and will be corrected, with any bet made by the wrong player been returned. This only happens if only the opening bet has been placed, if the next player has acted the action will continue as normal.

    10. A card that is dealt off the table must be played as an exposed card, not replaced.

    11. In all games that are played, the dealer will announce the low card, high hand, raises and pairs but unless the game is a particular low stake game should not announce possible straights and flushes.

    12. The dealer should only burn one card per round of betting, if they were to burn either more cards than one or not to burn a card at all, the hand should be corrected by the dealer as best possible.

    13. Cards burnt by the dealer should remain unexposed from players, if a player should see the card they are forced to accept the card.

    14. If there are not enough cards left within the deck for any reason, the final dealable card will not be dealt but mixed with the burnt cards and used accordingly.

    15. An all in players hole card hand should be dealt face down, but should there be an error when dealing the cards and a card be exposed, this must remain exposed.

    16. A hand that possesses more than seven cards is ruled as dead and has no meaning on the game.

    17. A player who makes a bet and is beaten by another players exposed cards is not due a refund for their stakes, they are paying to see a number of another players cards.

    Below is a great video which outlines exactly how the game should be played right from choosing who begins as the dealer to the end where the winner takes the chips.

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    Now that you know the rules and structure of the game, why not check out the Online Stud Poker Sites that offer you the opportunity to try out your skills?