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  • 5 Card Stud Strategy

    5 card stud is the only mainstream variation of poker I can think of that allows players to see all their opponents cards but one. There is no point chasing a particular card that has previously just been folded by 'Joe Bloggs' who is sat next to you so keeping an eye on your opponents cards and what they fold is key to becoming a solid 5 card stud player.

    Another common misconception in the game, which is more so when players who normally play Texas Hold'em or Omaha attempt to play 5 card stud, is that hands like straights, flush's and Full House's are huge hands and are seen on a less frequent basis than the other two games.

    Five card stud requires patience of the highest form, and this may sound silly but the bottom line first rule is to fold your cards if your beaten by your opponents exposed cards. To become a long term successful player you must learn to be able to weigh up the ante, blinds and table rake.

    This is one of the hardest aspects of the game, and it is to make sure that you are not paying to chase cards unless it make monetary sense to do it. This game is based a lot from math, so learning your poker odds will enable you to make the right decisions at the right time, so that you can keep the probability in your favor against the size of the pot itself when attempting to make your hand a winner.

    As this is a basics article, i'll take you through some of what I think are playable starting hands to call with.

    Any Pair - First we'll start with the easy one, if you have any pair in your first two cards then you want to be playing them. Ideally I like to fast play my small pairs by raising in an attempt to get as little players into the hand as possible.

    Both Cards Higher Than Table - An example of this is if you have 10-Jack as your first two cards and the rest of the table are showing less than the 10 as their exposed card I would be looking to call and go see the next card.

    High Hidden Card - Fairly self explanatory, if your holding for example a King and a 7 with the King being hidden or faced down, look to be calling if your King is higher than any of your opponents exposed cards.

    High Hole and Exposed Cards - If your holding for example an Ace up with a King hidden, this is a good hand that you can most probably take past the third card unpaired, obviously keep an eye out on your opponents cards also.

    So as a quick round up and two minute strategy blast, here's some basics you want to keep in mind before you take the step to earning your millions;

    • Patience is key to being a long term successful player.
    • Be fully aware of what your opponents are doing and which cards they are folding at your table. This makes things like multi-tabling a tough technique to master and I wouldn't recommend it if your just starting out.
    • Hands such as straights, Flush's and Full Houses are monsters, it's more about high cards and pairs in this game, don't forget that!
    • If you have a good hand and you believe your opponents are still trying to make theirs or you feel you are infront of them, make them pay to see those next cards.

    Finally, I would like to wish you luck at the tables, and there really is no better way to learn than to actually get involved in a game as soon as you can. Online poker makes life so much easier as it's quicker, not only that but most of the sites today offer free practice tables for you to play on.

    Titan Poker is currently the only site that we recommend that offers 5 Card Stud games, however they don't accept players from the United States as I write this article. If you'd like to read up a little more about them then please head over to the titan poker review page to get full details.