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  • Caribbean Stud Poker: Strategy/AK Rule

    A lot of people, when playing Caribbean Stud, don’t feel like there is a lot of strategy to be used when playing the game. This is flawed logic; like any card game, there are decisions that you can make at the table to raise or lower the edge the house holds over you at the game. 

    One of the biggest stop losses you can do for yourself is to avoid the progressive jackpot unless it is above $300,000 (which is roughly the average break even point for you to make the wager with, as the casino is taking 25-35% of every dollar you sink into the progressive jackpot to keep, meaning you can only EVER expect to get back 65-75% of every dollar you put in!) and even then, it still is not a wager I would be making; think about the odds of making a royal flush with five cards, and realize how, even with $200k or more in the pool, your odds of getting a piece of that jackpot just aren’t worth the money sink.

    Secondly, there’s a easy to follow method for knowing what hand to play and what hands to forfeit; if your hand is worse than AK high, fold. If it’s a pair or better, play. If it’s precisely AK, a few factors make the difference between playing and folding. If the dealer’s upcard is a 2 through queen, and one is in your hand, play the hand. This reduces the chance he can pair and reduces the chance he will show up with a bigger AK hand. If his upcard is an A or K, play only if you have a queen in your hand; this makes it more likely you have the best possible AK high hand.