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  • Dos and Donts of Bluffing in Stud Poker

    Many players have often mistaken bluffing to be just like any other move in the game of poker. However, there are some basic ways of playing this move that should not be misunderstood.

    Technically, bluffing means to make a fool of your opponents by giving them a wrong hint about your hand, but to what extent is the big question here.

    It is very important to understand when the best and the worst time to bluff in order to be a successful poker player is:

    The Dos
    • It is the best time to bluff when you are in a late position and there is no one to represent a strong hand
    • The board cards suggest that you have a stronger hand
    • Your table image is that of a rock
    • You have read and understood other player’s senses and tells, and you know they are weaker than you
    • You have only one opponent to face

    The Don’ts
    • When you are aware that your opponent never folds
    • When your opponent has a lot of money in his pot, and your bet or raise would not make him fold forcibly
    • When there are many players in hand