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  • Razz Poker and 4th Street

    Playing the 4th street in Razz poker is the same as playing 4th street in Stud poker for a number of reasons but the main difference that sets the playing styles apart for the two games is that you are looking to make the strongest low hand in Razz, not the highest like when you Play Stud.

    4th street within a game of Texas Hold'em Poker is significantly important as once you have reached this point in the hand you have been shown 71% of the cards that you are going to be able to make your strongest hand from.

    With 4th street happening after the decisive third street has been dealt and a round of betting eliminates players who feel that they don't have a hand that they wish to continue within the pot with, means that players who are willing to go to this point in the hand are either holding a good hand already or they are chasing a hand in order to win the pot.

    The known fact about any street that is dealt is that the players who are going to be receiving or been able to use that card, are either going to like the card that they see or they are going to hate it.

    The round of betting that follows means that you can quickly establish if a player is happy with their card or not.

    You should be looking for a low card here, keeping you within the limits to be able to qualify for the hand, a picture card is going to kill your hand so if you see paint (jack, queen or king) its time to fold your hand because its odds on that your hand is beaten by another player.

    Should your card be one that you like and one that adds strength to your hand its advised to be the first to bet where possible, avoiding check raises as much as possible as you are more likely to see the opponent check than make a bet into you if they are not holding a hand that they like.

    Advice that is offered from professionals within the game is to never play a multi way pot when you know that you are behind, the chances of making all of your opponents fold through one bet is very unlikely and you have a higher chance of been offered action that you just can't afford to be involved with.

    One thing that is forgotten by many players at this point is that the card that they have received on 4th street is going to directly influence the card that you are going to see on fifth street, with a paint card on the 4th street you are limited massively for what the fifth can offer you.