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  • Razz Poker and 5th Street

    Playing 5th street in any stud variant of poker should be considered to be the second most important decision that a poker play of that style of game will make, setting them up for the final leg of the hand.

    The first most important decision that a player has to make is well known to be whether they are going to play their start hand and place their stake into the pot via a wager or a call or if they are going to let this hand pass and wait for the next hand to be made available to them.

    Both decisions for the player offer the same outcome, deciding that they are going to progress with the hand that they are holding will result in them having to be willing to place a wager into the pot to further progress in the hand.

    Experience tells us that new players enter into the game knowing that the starter hand is important but one they decide that they are going to play the hand forget all about the 5th street that offers then an opportunity to reassess their hand and act accordingly, instead a number of beginner players feel that they have already place chips into the pot so they have to see it through, leaving them in a situation that is not ideal for any player, behind in a pot that is still growing.

    If you find that you have been placed onto the force bet (bring in) and that you are entering into the pot with a weak hand, getting out of the pot at your earliest occasion is highly advised in order to avoid entering into a black hole, also known as a pot that sucks your chips into the middle of the pot and absorbs you, costing you chips that could have been saved for another hand.

    Keeping your eye on the cards that are been dealt not only to you but also to your opponents is highly important because you don't want to miss someone killing the card that you need to make your hand the nuts and leave you drawing dead all due to a lack of concentration, watch the cards and watch how players are betting into the pot with the cards that are exposed.

    Keep tight at this point and you are looking at a safe entry into the latter stage of the hand.