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  • Razz Poker

    Razz poker is a variant of seven card stud poker. There are a number of variants that have been created from the seven card stud poker game structure, many offering players 7 cards to make the best 5 carded hand that they can.

    Razz poker is the same as those variants in the matter of it offering players 7 cards of which they can make their strongest 5 card hand but the game also carries the difference that players are aiming to get the lowest hand that they can, with a low straight or straight flush (ace, two, three, four and five) making up the best hand.

    As with every poker variation, the main aim for players is to make the best hand from the cards they are dealt by the dealer, this means that players need to be looking to start their hand with a high strength card in order to become successful within the hand.

    Razz poker offers a lot to players who are looking to make this game their main style of poker, with the majority of the players who take to the tables either trying the game out for the first time or been very inexperienced and trying to get a quick buck from the beginner players.

    A player who spends time on learning the game and winning strategies in order to become a strong player of Razz will see that they have a great platform in which to build their poker bankroll from, with new players emerging every day.

    Razz poker is growing rapidly and the recent inclusion of a Razz based tournament in the World Series of Poker will offer further advertisement of the poker game, helping to get players to the seemingly quiet tables that are offered across a number of online poker sites.

    HowToPlayStud will be bringing you some of the best online Razz poker articles and tips to offer you a great platform on which to learn your game, creating a strong understanding and fine tuning those loose tendencies that you will have due to been new to the game.

    Be the hunter not the hunted at the poker tables.

    Razz Poker Rules

    Razz poker offers the same rules that are in place within the Seven Card Stud Lo variant of poker, with 7 cards been dealt to each player who see’s the hand through until the final round of betting. Players are to try to make the best 5 card hand that they can, using only the cards that they a are holding in front of them.

    Players should know that the aim of the game is to make the strongest low card combination as possible with ace, two, three, four, five offering the strongest ranked hand.

    Make sure that you understand that the ace’s within Razz poker are played as low cards as failure to remember this could see you losing out due to not fully understanding the game.

    The game also carries a number of rules that are set by the house or casino, these may vary between game providers so we strongly advise that you read the rules for each casino that you play your Razz poker at to make sure that you stay within the rules.

    Want to learn more about the game before playing? Why not read our Razz Poker Articles?

    Now that you know the rules and structure of the game, why not check out the Online Razz (and Stud) Poker sites that offer you the opportunity to try out your Razz skills?