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  • Razz Poker - Top 5 Hands

    Razz Poker is a poker game like no other with the sole aim to obtain the lowest ranking hand that you can from the cards that you are dealt.

    Straights and flushes don’t place within this poker variant so if your lucky enough to hit a low end straight, the likelihood is that you will be holding a stronger Razz hand than a number of your opponents.

    The hand rankings in Razz differ massively from the usual hand rankings that are sort after in any of the other poker variants, with a high end straight been a hand that you need to be folding or risk been punished by a low hand, taking your funds.

    The best 5 hands that a Razz Poker player could wish to see in their hand look like this:






    When you look into the sequence of the hands that are held in high power in the game of Razz Poker you will see that one of the main cards needed to hold a strong hand, is an ace.

    Only playing a starter hand that contains an ace would give you the best possible start in the pot.