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  • Stud Games – Potentially Profitable for NLHE Players?

    More and more NLHE players are looking to expand their poker-playing options, and for those players one great game to add to their rotation might just be the old classic stud.

    Stud games were once the dominant format of poker played, especially live.  While hold’em has certainly taken over that position during the last couple of decades, the one-mighty stud might just be making a comeback?

    Why?  Because holdem, especially NL holdem, is almost a victim of its own popularity.  So many people have come into the game that it’s harder and harder to really make a ton of money playing the game, whereas stud is a game that the majority of players might not necessarily be proficient at.

    In addition to that, it’s always good to learn a new game –  it helps you to round out your knowledge and will always help you to develop some skills that will transfer over to other games, even if you don’t end up becoming a stud regular.

    Those are just a few of the reasons why you might want to give stud poker a try –  give yourself a chance to find out even more by loading up a stud game today and giving it a try!