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  • Stud MTTs Growing in Popularity

    A few years ago you would have struggled to find Stud tournaments online, but as the audience for online poker audience has grown, so has the range of their tastes for both cash games and tournaments.  The result?  Lobbies of online poker rooms are no starting to increasingly feature stud offers for MTT players.

    You’re most likely to get yourself into a Stud MTT at a major online poker room such as PokerStars.  The larger rooms simply have a player base that allows them to support such exotic offerings, while the smaller rooms focus instead on the popular games that they know form the majority of their players poker schedule.

    That’s not to say that PokerStars is the only room that has Stud offerings for tournament players.  Quite the contrary; many other rooms offer Stud as a MTT option, and a great variety of stud variants at that.  It’s simply that PokerStars, as the largest poker room in the world, has the ability to draw enough players to support some pretty exotic variants, and to create some significant prize pools in the process.

    The next time you’re looking for a MTT alternative, why not check out a stud MTT?  You might just find a game you enjoy.