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  • Tips for Getting the Call in Pot Limit Stud

    When a player is making a poker bet with the desire to get called, it is actually known as a “value bet”. The basic idea behind this is to have a better hand. You, as the player, would want the opponent to pay off with the worse one.

    In this case, when you would want your opponent to call, you must follow thumb role that is just opposite to what you would do when you want your opponent to fold. When you want the opponent to call, you must bet your highest amount which you believe that your opponent would call.

    This actually means that there are times you are better off making bigger bets that can get called occasionally than making smaller bets that would get called more frequently.

    You must know your opponent really well when you are playing this game. You should be able to able to judge their tendencies at the poker table. Some players are thinkers who would be busy thinking about the overbet equals bluff, while there are others who would think just about the overbet, while a few think overbets are a waste of time.

    The same applies when a player will be betting for smaller amounts- some players will always go in for getting drawn due to the irresistible odds.