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  • Titan Poker Stud Review

    Titan Poker is part of the large gaming network i-Poker.

    Since its creation in 1995, Titan Poker has become a large name within the online poker community, winning awards along the way.

    Due to the size of the network that Titan Poker is part of, the traffic to the site is constant, with all players at any site within the network, been given the ability to play against players from a number of sites.

    Titan Poker Review
    As I am a 7 card stud player, I have decided to focus on what Titan Poker has to offer the Stud poker players, rather than covering all gaming variations such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha.
    Game Selection

    When I joined up to the site I was impressed to see the amount of games on offer for the Stud poker community, been one of the only sites that i have seen online that offers both 7 card stud aswell as 5 card stud, without offering variations in their place like Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker do.

    Once i got over the fact that the site seems to have a great deal to offer me, i headed straight for the $0.25/$0.50 limit 7 card stud tables.

    Once there i saw that the selection of tables was quite small for my preferred stake, only offering 4 tables at this blind level.

    Although the table selection was small, i still had a table that was full with me taking the final seat out of 8 available.

    Having played on a number of sites, the software used within the i-Poker network is one of the best.

    With an easy to navigate lobby, easy to use betting commands and good appearance the software is quick and seemingly faultless.

    When I play poker anywhere else than PKR I use Titan Poker, with its high player volume and speed of play.

    The software allowed me to make player notes without the need to change windows from the on going game, making it easier to remember the players who are going to see me thorugh to the showdown regardless of what hand they are holding.

    Titan Poker Promotions and Bonuses

    Titan Poker are offering new players the opportunity to gain a bonus of a deposit match which means that players are given the opportunity to double their money up to $500 after activating the bonus through the gaining of points on the site.

    Entering my funding i took to the tables to see that each hand was worth a fair few points so clearing my bonus wasn’t much of a task which is good for players like me who are limited to the amount of times they can reload funds.

    The site offers another incentive for players of 7 card or 5 card stud to play at the site, offering a bonus for the strongest hand that is shown at showdown once a day. I’m still to win this with full house been my strongest i have had so far but i’m sure that more playing will leave me hitting the highest hand at least once.

    Titan Poker Player Levels

    As i have said i am only going to cover the stud players within this review due to me preferring to play stud over any other game offered on the site.

    With the site offering a poor player standard across other games, players should be aware that this isn’t the case when you take your seat at a stud variant table.

    The main reasoning behind this could be that Titan Poker is one of the first sites that i have seen that offer both 5 and 7 card stud poker games in their raw form.

    This misconception that the players in the stud variants of the games are the same level as the Omaha and Texas Hold’em is one that loses players alot of money, so be careful to select the stakes suited to you.

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